2022 Spring Fling KidLit Contest

Time for the annual Spring Fling KidLit Contest!

Challenge: Find a GIF and write a spring-inspired children’s story in 150 words or less.

My 140-word haiku/senryū story is inspired by spring snow in Chicago and kiddos eager to start planting.

Thank you Kaitlyn Sanchez, Ciara O’Neal, and Alyssa Eisner Henkin for hosting.

Ready, Spring? (140 Words)

Today is the day

Put away boots, hats, and scarves

Spring has come at last!

Dressed to make a mess

Gather tools for gardening

Bag to hold it all

Trowel, shovel, rake

Gloves for digging in the dirt

Seeds for vegetables

Don’t forget the snacks

Water bottle freshly filled

Backyard, here I come!

Out the door – surprise!

Blown back in – a swirl of snow

March is roaring still

Check the date once more

I am ready – Spring is not

Winter’s last hurrah

Fish out wooly socks

Snuggle deep in cozy quilts

Wait another day

Rising with the sun

Open curtains – look below

Melted overnight!

Let’s try this again

Cross my fingers – step outside

Temperature’s just right

Scoop, drop, and cover

Spinach, carrots, radishes

Neatly lined in rows

Water soil and watch

Checking checking for a sprout

When does summer start?

3 thoughts on “2022 Spring Fling KidLit Contest

  1. I love the simple style of this well told story. I myself have been ready to plant, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Good luck! This was a fun poem.


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