It’s that time again! The 2021 Fall Writing Frenzy contest is on! #FallWritingFrenzy is a writing contest hosted by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez  and Lydia Lukidis. Ameerah Holliday is also judging this year. Fall Writing Frenzy has the best prizes and donors around. The contest runs from October 1, 2020 until October 3, 2021. Winners will be announced October 31, 2021.

Challenge: Write a #kidlit story inspired by one of the provided fall images in 200 words or less. I was a winner last year for my story CINDERFELLA.

This year’s entry is a young adult zombie love story written in senryū poetry. Senryū is similar to haiku in structure but focuses on human nature and emotions rather than nature. I love writing in this style. My piece was inspired by the photo below.


By Dana Marie Miroballi


Time to rise, my love
Waning moon behind the clouds
Flesh above the ground

Let me hold your gaze
Dangling eye enrapturing
Still the girl I loved

Please — remember me
Thinking back to summers past
Childhood memories

How could you forget
Waiting felt like centuries
Love that transcends life

Dance with me in death
Decomposing dresses flow
Gliding silhouettes

Wind — draw us closer
Stroking remnants of your curls
Auburn of my dreams

Come — embrace my bones
Cherishing your fading face
Barely lips to kiss

Never let me go
Whispering my final words
Promises to keep

Share eternity
Dining nightly by our tombs
Undead for all time

Stay — come back to me
Departing for another
Boy who died with you

Grant me one more waltz
Circling around the graveyard
Putrid hands entwined

Let you go I must
Releasing my desires
Silent hearts can break

Mend what I have left
Dying twice is misery
Fear of loneliness

Wander on my own
Lamenting my misfortunes
Anguished moans resound

Until — the fear dissipates
Catching a new rotting eye
Resurrected hope

Say your name once more
Waxing moon enlivens smiles
Love can be reborn

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