Accentuating the Positives: My 2020 Writing Successes

2020 was full of unprecedented challenges. Julie Hedlund and the participants of Julie’s 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series inspired me to post my writing SUCCESSES from 2020. New Year’s Resolutions typically come from a place of wishful thinking about how the previous year could have been better. Especially in the time of COVID, it’s important to reflect on the positives and create goals based on our achievements from the previous year. Here’s my list!

  • At age 40 and in the time of COVID, I’m finally starting to see myself as a real writer. I’ve written for myself, school, and work for years. Now I’m ready to work on my craft and prepare to release my stories to the world.
  • I discovered how AMAZING the Twitter kidlit writing community is. I’ve connected with more writers and illustrators than I could have imagined. The resources, events, contests, and support are so inspiring.
  • I’ve started participating in workshops, courses, critique groups, writing organizations, challenges, and contests.
  • Two of my stories won holiday writing contests. What?! 
  • I developed a brainstorming/drafting process that I love.
  • I have two manuscripts that my 5-year-old daughter requests me to read again and again.
  • I have a list of 71 picture book ideas as of today. 
  • I participated in a live Zoom pitch event without puking. I got a rejection, but I’m still glad it happened.
  • I rediscovered how happy writing makes me. I can be Dana Marie and not just “Mom.”
  • I’m becoming a better critique partner.
  • I created a website and blog!

THANK YOU to everyone who has inspired and pushed me a little further on this journey. Best wishes for 2021!

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